Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Help Me Choose a Title

Listed below are potential new titles for my blog. I'd like you to help me choose if you want to, so feel free to leave input or give me suggestions. These titles are along the line of what I want, but I may find something better. If you see I've already chosen one, go ahead and leave input anyway because I may find that a different one fits even better. Thanks for your help!

Through Christ Who Strengthens Me
Through the Valleys and Over the Mountains
Peace in the Valley
Pressing on the Upward Way
New Heights
After God's Own Heart

Hmmm, actually I really like the last one. I'm going to go ahead and plug that one in for now and see if we come up with anything better. Keep brainstorming with me and if you think of one that you just have to use for yourself, go ahead!!!

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