Monday, April 09, 2007

No Idea What I'm Doing

This is absolutely pathetic. It's been about a year since I posted on my own blog. Terrible!! So, now I have a decision to make. Am I going to resume writing on this blog as it is, give it an overhaul or junk it and start completely over (or a combination)? Since I'm sure no one has read my blog in the last year, I'm sure no one will mind what choice I make. I don't know whether to make it specific - like a diary of a process in my life - or just a general "here's-where-I-write-stuff" spot. Anyway, no matter what choice I make, I've got to get back to writing. Life is very busy, but this is something that needs to have time made for it.

Well, gotta get lunch fixed and then get back to work. Maybe I'll get a decision made sometime today, but I also need to read up for the workshop I'll be attending in 11 days on constructing cob buildings - ah, another topic to write about!! I may get there yet!

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