Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Five Things Tag

Apparently the Five Things Tag goes around and when you get "tagged," you go thru and list five things in these specific places. I have done the four locations I was tagged with and then the fifth one I added because I think it would be interesting. Please leave me a link in my comments if you also plan to list your items.


Five things in my fridge:
1. avocados
2. soy milk
3. tortillas
4. pierogies
5. a few not-so-fresh grapes

Five things in my closet:
1. boxes with who-knows-what in them
2. black plastic bag with hand-me-downs for my son, yet too big for him
3. extra blankets and throws
4. small bag of freebies from a convention
5. a few baby clothes stashed for either baby showers or "just in case"

Five things in my purse:
For a guy, five things in your wallet or pocket:
1. notable lack of money
2. pictures
3. old shopping list
4. Band-Aid case with Band-Aids
5. packet of "thank you" notes

Five things in my car:
1. a few half-empty water bottles
2. Casting Crowns CD
3. toys, toys, toys
4. books
5. ball gloves

And now my addition:
Five things beside my side of the bed:
1. eyeglasses
2. FAM chart
3. thermometer
4. several books
5. one winter glove, just discovered

Not sure what kind of insight this gives you into my psyche, but it's probably a mixture of good and bad. Anyway, it was fun and I hope you enjoy it, too.

By the way, for you ladies out there, here's an intesting link online/handbag.htm It contains a couple pictures from 1959 of Gale Storm and Rosemary Clooney with the contents of their handbags and a description of what was in them. It also includes a rating game where you get points for certain things in your purse. Talks about the huge handbags of that era, "some as big as feedbags". Looks like fun and it's interesting as well. Let me know how your purse/handbag rates! I didn't rate mine. I'd get a VERY low score as there's not much in there.


At 5/21/2006 10:50 AM , Blogger mysti said...

Very Interesting. Thanks for doing this! I read your previous entry and I am sorry about having to put on hold adopting children. I can only imagine how heartbreaking that would be. I also relate the whole putting things off because of not having the money. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am going to book mark yours!

At 5/23/2006 12:45 PM , Blogger Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

What the heck is a peroige? have SOY MILK! You really need to get with MYSTI...she is also a closet "flowerchild".....ha ha Have a good day!


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